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How do I lower my body fat?

Hi, I have been resistance training for about a year but I am still carrying extra fat. Can you advise me on the number of reps that I should be aiming for to promote strength and fat burning? I am currently aiming for 15 reps. I am working on a 3 day split where I do chest and back, Shoulders and arms, legs and lower back. I fit core exercises into every session. Does it make a difference with fat burning on what I group together? Thanks for the advice and I hope this makes some sense. Karen


Our expert says...

Hi Karen,


If you want to increase your fat-burning then I would actually suggest you try one (or more) of the following:


- Train more days a week (as appropriate to your lifestyle demands)


- try a total body approach – instead of split-routines you could try increasing the number of muscle groups you target in each session and try to do exercises that require higher number of calories (i.e. do shoulder press standing and on one leg then seated – it burns more calories from the body having to stabilize)


- Aim for minimal rest inbetween exercises and group them together in a circuit-style format – this incorporates aerobic benefits and calorie burning in conjunction with muscle strength and toning.


- Aim for a rep range of approximately 12-15 reps but still challenging enough so that you struggle to make 15. If you can do 15 reps easily then the weight is too light for your strength level and you need to increase the weight.


- If you don’t already, add some cardio (or extra time to your existing cardio) on to the end of your weights workout (i.e. 10-15minutes on a bike after your chest and back workout).This is becuase some research has highlighted the fat-burning benefits from weight training first them doing cardiovascular exercise after.


- reducing body fat is a time process of good habits and calorie deficit, so if you still have more to lose then carry on and ensure you achieve your calorie deficit on a daily basis. Consistency is the key to optimal success! If you feel that you aren’t losing body fat then consider substituting things in your nutritional plan that are higher in saturated fat or generally just slightly reducing your overall calorie intake.


Hope this helps,



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