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How can I speed up fat loss around my tummy?

Hi, I have lost weight all over my body and am very happy, the weight round my tummy is holding on, while the rest of me is slowly disappearing. What could I do to help it on it's way?


Our expert says...


The key ingredients to targeting the slightly slower diminishing tummy area are more of the same I am afraid!  Due to the body’s predisposed biological traits to store fat and keep fat in that area to protect vital organs and in preparation for having babies, it is the last place to go. It is quite normal for other areas to be shrinking while the tummy area remains the same or reducing at a slower rate. As long as you keep going and stay consistent with your nutrition and exercise it will shift as you continue to reduce body fats stores…..it has to take stores from there eventually!

The main things to keep focusing on are eating less to reduce body fat stores from the stomach area and core-focused exercise to tone the deep and superficial muscles. With regards to the nutritional side, make sure you always aim to eat slowly and be aware of food products that cause you to feel bloated, such as dairy.

With relation to the exercise area, you need to specifically train the abdominal area and for detailed guidance I would recommend you look at the very recent post to another member regarding training this area. The question is titled: "Any solutions for the tummy apron?" and this was posted 7/7/08. Within this answer I have detailed the most effective way to target this area and highlight some relevant home-exercise articles available on the resources page of the website. All of this information should provide you the right tools to start working towards a flatter tummy!

Hope this helps


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