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How can I solve my problem with shifting the post-baby weigh


My baby will be one in September but I cannot move the weight at all. I used to enjoy walking but lately I seem to be out of breath - any advice? I walk approx 30 minutes 5 days per week.


Our expert says...


I could just advise you to visit your GP but I always think this is an easy and often unnecessary route as with a little self-reflection we can often self-analyse and interpret what our bodies tell us, (i.e. with fatigue and breathlessness symptoms) and solutions often need lifestyle not medical intervention.

So, firstly, you need to think about when the breathlessness started and whether it is gradually getting worse or is the same level of reduced ease of breathing every time you go out on your walks. Then, take the time to consider:

- Sleep: how much quality sleep you are getting (new babies and sleepless nights have a direct impact on energy levels and our ability/energy level to be physically active. If the body is exhausted from moderate-long term disturbed sleep patterns then you could easily find yourself struggling with activities that you previously found easier.

- hydration levels: this can be affected by deprived sleep, nutrition, temperature changes, stress and physical activity and if we dehydrate by as little as 3%, research highlights the potential for a 30% impairment in performance.

- Nutritional deficiencies: if the aforementioned factors are not deemed to be significant contributory factors then you may want to consider getting a blood test to just check iron levels are adequate, as anaemia, (low iron levels), can also provide symptoms of fatigue and impact on physical activity as you describe.

If you feel like you identify with one or more of the above factors then set out immediately to find solutions to change the current situation and then see how this affects your energy levels and walking performance over the following couple of weeks.

If the above factors are not ones you feel are relevant to you as possible causes, then I would suggest a check up just so you can rule out any underlying issues via simple tests that the GP can refer you for.

Hope this helps and you find the solution,


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