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How can I reduce my snoring?

Hi, I have a problem with snoring, I am over weight and no this is probably the cause, can you recommend any exercises or anything that can improve weight lose around my neck to improve my snoring? Thanks


Our expert says...


There are a number of potentially inter-related factors that cause snoring and as you rightly identify weight (or alternatively overeating and/or lack of exercise) can be one of these factors. Others include:

Alcohol and sleeping pills


Sleeping positions

Allergy Nasal stuffiness

Mouth breather

Small or collapsing nostrils

Some websites provide tests to assess the origins of your snoring: http://www.britishsnoring.co.uk/snoring/what_can_i_do_to_stop_snoring.php

The key is to lose weight and reduce overall BMI as this will reduce the demand on your lungs and nasal cavities when sleeping. Any exercise that burns calories is good exercise, try not to focus on the neck area as this is not the root cause of snoring from being overweight, it is more of a general mechanism of efficiency.

Hope this helps,


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