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How can I keep on the straight and narrow?

I have only about 8lbs to go. I weigh myself and if I find that I have lost I seem to allow myself to eat more, why! I am always hungry, I eat three times a day with fruit inbetween. I am counting calories but just seem to associate kitchen with eating. Am I normal


Our expert says...

Yes you’re normal I’m sure! But you’re a typical retrained eater in that when you lose weight you say “phew!” and then start thinking about when you can reward yourself with a choccie biscuit (okay that’s a bit cheeky of me perhaps, but it’s not meant to be insulting and I’m sure you’ll know what I mean!).  Restrained eaters tend to obsess about food and have been dieting on and off all their life. In contrast   a "natural eater" (which we’d all love to be) usually eats when hungry, stops when sated and doesn't think much about food in-between meals.  Unfortunately life isn’t fair and it’s very hard to be a natural eater if you have a genetic predisposition towards a large appetite, or have  been taught bad dietary habits that are hard to break. The only solution is to try to find a diet that you really can enjoy and not feel that it is a hardship to be eating. Trying to include an “allowed” treat every day is a good idea. Charting your weak times of day and changing you behaviour so that you have another activity to do at the most tempting times is also a good idea. And most importantly change to foods that fill you without being fattening. These include fruits and veg whole grains, lean protein . Good luck and if you do weaken and have a binge don’t beat yourself up but get straight back on track!


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