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How can I improve my lack of energy for training?

Hi, I aimed to go to the gym 4 times a week only doing free weights, and I also cycle to and from work. Recently I have been very low on energy, regardless of whether I have a big lunch or small. I go to the gym about 1800hrs. I have been taking a Berocca at work for an energy boost, but this isn?t enough energy for the gym at the moment. I am now 3 weeks off the gym approaching 4 weeks. I do want to go and just have no energy, can you suggest anything apart from Berocca. I used to take Creatine which I stopped about 6 months ago, but this really helped if I took one half an hour before the gym.


Our expert says...


I would suggest you consider trying a different supplement that can, in the short-term, lighten the fatigue you may be suffering from, like Vitamin B or power ginseng that is up to 8 times stronger than other extracts and is a rejuvenating tonic that helps maintain health and vigour.

Obviously specific sports supplementation like creatine will give you energy and enhanced endurance to produce strength while you train, but you still have to get to the gym in the first place and creatine is only relevant if your training goals are training for a sport or heightened muscle strength and size. If you are taking Berocca to no avail then you could try something else but essentially this to could prove to be limited in effectiveness, as Berocca is well known for being an effective supporter.

In terms of long-term energy levels and health, you should consider why you are so low on energy as opposed to what you can take to solve it. If the body is tired it can relate to the balance (or not), of one or a combination of variables such as:

-Amount and quality of sleep

-Nutrition ? general timings, quality and pre/post exercise

-Stress ? mental (emotional) or physical (postural)

-Variety of routine ? exercise patterns especially

-Hydration levels

I would strongly suggest that you start a diary/ lifestyle log, where you record your exercise, your sleeping pattern, eating patterns and hydration and energy levels on a daily basis. This calculated process allows you to monitor the factors that have a large influence on your energy levels and will allow (9/10 times) for someone to notice patterns and realise the real causes and in turn solutions to their fatigue.

This is also important if such fatigue was to continue for a long period of time (2-3months) because fatigue that can?t be put down to a imbalance in the above factors can signal more sinister concerns such as anaemia or chronic fatigue syndrome.

Try the lifestyle log, and see if you can find the solution to regaining the energy levels you want, to allow you to achieve your training goals! Good luck.


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