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How can I improve my jogging without needing my inhalors?

Hi there, My asthma is quite severe, and even with inhalers I am struggling exercise wise - especially jogging. Is there any way I can get into this without having to keep going for the inhalers all the while?


Our expert says...


Aerobic exercise is a positive activity for those with asthma to strengthen the assisting muscles (diaphragm and intercostals muscles) that support the respiratory system with the breathing process; however, it has to be approached slower as an asthma sufferer. To minimise the need for inhalers you will need to aim for aerobic improvements slowly and potentially through non-impact sources to start with. The impact nature of jogging means its demand on the lungs and airways are significantly greater than other methods like cycling, x-training, rowing or walking.

With your jogging try to work for small periods of time before returning to walking to allow your respiratory system to regroup, ensure the level of respiratory stress stays at such a level that you aren’t pushed over the threshold of needing your inhalers. This is a delicate balance and will take time to get use to and it is likely at times you will still test yourself too much and need your inhalers but you should be able to use them less often. Over time you will make fitness gains and be able to jog faster and for longer before returning to walking it will just take you a little longer to get there than your non-asthmatic counterpart.

Hope this helps,


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