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How can I improve my bingo wings and stomach area?


I have been using a strider for the past 3 months and although my stomach muscles and arms seem more toned than before I still have, (as my husband calls them ), bingo wings. Also just underneath my belly button there is an area of flab that I can't seem to tone up.

Have you any ideas how I can improve these areas?



Our expert says...

Hi Pauline,

It is great that you have been using your strider consistently so well done first of all. What it sounds like is that you have experienced the minor toning effects cardiovascular equipment provides, but equally can now sense the lack of tone improvements. To achieve effective muscle toning and skin firming requires strength training, whether it is with bodyweight, dumbbells, cables, resistance machines or tubing. Cardiovascular exercise, (like using your strider), helps mobilise body fat stores and improve endurance fitness but these are the main outcomes whereas toning is only a minor side effect.

If possible, aim to target all the major muscle groups in your body with a total body approach to strength training to get the best effects on the areas you mentioned (stomach and upper arms).

If you look at the home exercise articles I have written, (found in the resources section of the website), there are detailed pictures and teaching points for exercises requiring only your own bodyweight and little else to target all the muscles in your body. Exercises like press ups, triceps press ups and opposite arm and leg crunches (for all the muscles in the stomach area, would be particularly recommended. Even if you aren't a member of a gym that does not have to be a barrier to including strength training within your exercise plans to compliment your strider workouts.

Have a look! Hope this helps


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