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How can I get motivated to get up in the morning?

Hi, I'm finding it really hard to get up in the mornings to go to the gym. I sleep about 7-8 hours a night but always feel tired. Granted I am quite lazy but I really want to tone up and lose a few pounds - do you have any suggestions on how I can motivate myself out of bed in the mornings please?


Our expert says...


The best way to break ‘laziness’ and feelings of lethargy is actually to establish a regular exercise habit and lifestyle pattern for doing so, however, this makes the first step the hardest, which is why it can seem so difficult initially! You may want to consider some motivational strategies for overcoming the first hurdle of getting out of bed in the morning, which could include ‘bargaining’ i.e. you might say if you got up and went to the gym you would train for 30minutes and have a sauna/Jacuzzi for 10minutes (as a reward). This gives additional weight in terms of motivational power for summing the strength to get out of bed! It does need to be specific to you though so if sauna/Jacuzzi isn’t a good option for you then perhaps treat yourself to a nice breakfast after as a treat (still healthy obviously!).

Alternatively, you could try booking sessions in your diary like appointments, i.e. vital ones you would not cancel or not turn up for! Putting that kind of importance on the sessions can be significant enough to work if you want it too and help you prioritise your health around your other lifestyle demands. Another good option is finding a ‘training buddy’, someone who will just be there the same time as you which makes you feel a sense of responsibility for not letting the other person down. This can be very effective as well as make exercising a whole lot more enjoyable.

See if any of these options work for you, good luck and hope it helps,


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