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How can I combat my utter exhaustion?

have been assigned to a maximum of 1500 calories per day. I also do quite a lot of exercise. I try to get to the gym most days and am at present setting up a regime there where I run at 7.7 - 8.4 kph @ an incline of 1.0, which is being increased gradually.
These two, an very often life per se leaves me feeling so tired from deep within that I ache and end up ill or close to tears..

I would be so grateful if I could be advised as to how to rid myself of this feeling of complete and utter exhaustion. It would change my whole life.

Thank you


Our expert says...

Your tiredness is overwhelming and affecting your quality of life. Such tiredness can be a cause of depression or a symptom of it; either way I think you are feeling low. Is it something you have discussed with your GP? Whilst you may not think medical professional feel sympathetic toward ?tired all the time? syndrome if you explain clearly how bad and debilitating your symptoms are you should be taken seriously and perhaps have some tests done, A couple of physical possibilities that can result in unnatural tiredness (not related to overwork or stress) are thyroid problems and iron-deficiency anaemia and it's worth getting check ups for both of these. In the meantime check you are eating plenty of iron rich foods which include lean red meat, dried fruit (especially figs), nuts (especially cashews), green leafy vegetables, eggs and and fortified cereals. Eating small meals relatively regularly may also help as may choosing slow releasing carbohydrates such as pulses, whole grain pasta, grainy bread and porridge.

I hope you get some reiief from your tiredness soon and I wish you lots of luck.

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