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How can I stop evening binging?

Could you give me some pointers on what I could eat of an evening which will stop the cravings for crisps and snacks. I do brilliantly all day with breakfast of bran flakes and skimmed milk. A ham and please pudding sandwich made from nimble bread for lunch with a banana and a Satsuma, for tea it's usually jacket pot with beans followed by a homemade fruit salad and yoghurt at around 6 o'clock. By half past I have an unbelievable craving for chocolate, biscuits, crisps or anything else. It's driving me mad. What can I try? I also drink 2 litre of water per day is this enough?


Our expert says...

I hope you can feel my sympathy oozing out over the internet for you. Because I really do understand how strong the urge to keep on eating in the evening can be, and I think so many other women (perhaps men too) will understand too.

One of the theories about uncontrolled evening eating is that it happens because we tend to be quite restrained about what we eat during the day,and in the evening, when the food floodgates are opened it's simply hard to stop. Bit I think it's often also overlayered with other factors that can include boredom, feeling the need to treat yourself after a hard day and fatigue.

Shaking up your schedule can make a big difference and you could find your own way of doing this - it might include eating a bigger meal at lunchtime, eating at an earlier time during the evening or even splitting what you eat over the evening - so you allow yourself a pudding later on or have a starter at six followed by a main course at 8 or something similar. If it's practicable for you to have an interest that takes you out of the house in the evening, this may also work.

If you really can?t resist, keeping the sorts of foods that you will overeat out of the house is a worthwhile strategy, or at least going for small individual packs of tretas rather than larger ones. Even better, is to give yourself a sense of entitlement to some evening treats which you can do by allowing yourself a calorie allowance to spend specifically on them. This way you?ll not feel so guilty about doing what you are doing and this will have the effect of making evening snacking seem less attractive in the long term.

I hope amongst some of these suggestions you find one or two that work. (Incidentally, 2 litres of water a day is usually enough, but you should drink more if you feel thirsty during hot weather).

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