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Help with my waist

Hi, I am 38 bust, 33 waist and 38 hips but don't seem to be able to shift the fat from my waist. Any ideas please? Shells


Our expert says...


Here are some things to consider:

- try reducing your calorie intake a tiny bit more – by exchanging higher fat content food for lesser ones i.e. exchanging harder cheese for softer cheeses. Small changes make all the difference and obviously will subtly accelerate fat loss

- maximise all aspects of physical activity on a daily basis, i.e. taking the stairs at work, parking further away than normal, using any excuse to walk, household chores and so on. It is those extra couple of calories burned daily that will tip the balance in your favour

- make sure you maintain adequate hydration and try to focus on slightly increasing your water intake as this has appetite suppressing benefits as well as fat burning advantages

Bad news: The ‘muffin top’/ waist / stomach area is often one of the last places the body utilises fat stores from. The body has a genetic predisposition to store fat around our middles as a protective mechanism for the vital organs including the reproductive organs, liver and kidneys.

It’s worth noting that doing abdominal exercises every day don’t optimise a persons ability to reduce body fat stores in this area so don’t worry if you don’t train this everyday as there is no need! Yes, you should train your abdominals (to enhance muscle tone and improve strength and spine stability), but reducing fat is about calories…..burning calories! So, getting your heart rate up with effective exercise combined with good nutrition is still going to be the best solution to get those pounds off.

Hope this helps,


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