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Help! I feel guilty for missing my exercise!

Hi, I do three studio classes a week (sometimes if not too tired): Abs Mon, Zumba Tue and Body combat Fri. I work full time and sometimes I can be very tired so I end up missing one of my classes, I do try but I do feel guilty if I've not gone. Need your thoughts x


Our expert says...


Juggling an exercise plan with a full-time job is a job in itself and all the strains of life drain us more so and less so at different times. All you can do is be as organised as you can in terms of supporting yourself with adequate sleep, nutrition, hydration and stress management and if at times the tiredness wins then so be it! Don’t beat yourself up about it and actually the sense of guilt highlights the importance it holds for you which is great!

Two-three times a week of quality exercise (i.e. high heart rate exercise achieved easily through group exercise classes like the ones you are doing) is good and the key is to just aim for consistency as much as possible.

Focus on the term consistency and if you are managing some exercise every week then that is excellent and will be effective! Aim for two sessions to be your ‘minimum’ and only allow yourself to feel guilty if you don’t make your two per week! Three classes is gold star and optimum but two is still a positive!

Remember you are forming and maintaining life-long, good health habits so its the entire journey that matters, not the occasional missed class. Keep up the good work.


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