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Fruit turning to fat?

Hi, I've been with NC for about a month with great results of 2lb per week loss. However, after 2 take-aways in as many weeks, I lost those 2 weeks progress. So in order to get back on track I ate porridge oats with water for breakfast, then lunch and dinner were salads with a low fat side and then lots of lovely fruit for dessert. I eat a small meal every 3 to 4 hours, but by 4pm (3rd meal of the day) after porridge oats and two meals of salads, I've only eaten roughly 700 cals. So I don't get under 1200 (for fear of going into starvation mode) I eat a lot of fruit and a few low fat snacks. This was fab for 3 days, losing a whopping 0.75 of a lb a day, but by day 4 I put on 1lb over night!?!? How come? Is it because I'm eating so much fruit late in the day that the sugar is not used and is turned into fat? Please could someone shed some light on this mystery? Thanks.


Our expert says...

Hi, Thanks for your question. You certainly seem to know all the right things to do, but I think that you are getting a little too fixated on your daily weight loss and losing sight of the bigger picture. Our body naturally fluctuates from day to day with water retention and hormone fluctuations, which is why it is really best to try and resist the temptation to weigh yourself every day and only do it once a week. I know this can be hard when you are trying to lose weight.  I think by now though your weight will have settle down again and your panic will be over! From what you have told me, I would suggest that you add some complex brown carbohydrate to your salads during the day to fill you up and give you energy. This can be a small portion of brown rice or pasta or a piece of whole meal bread. This would balance your diet out more and could replace some of the fruit later in the day. All the best!

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