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Food intolerances and weight loss

I have had an intolerance test done at a local health food store after having lots of allergic reactions?.going red and swelling and itching. It showed dairy and egg intolerance, intolerance to paprika and tomatoes. I love tomatoes and that was the highest count. My doc has told me to ignore this and has referred me to an allergy clinic. However I have had several itchy reactions and redness especially after eggs. My I.B.S. plays up on the rest. I have switched to unsweetened soya milk for my cereal, when I have it, and I take the odd cup of tea or coffee with cow?s milk at work. I carry Lift lemon tea, unsweetened, with me too. Will all this affect my weight loss as I feel like I don't know if I am coming or going with everything happening in my life healthwise and diet. Please help


Our expert says...


You certainly do seem to have a lot on your plate at the moment, if you will excuse the pun. It is good that you have seen your doctor and that he referring you to a specialised allergy clinic, as it can difficult to pinpoint food intolerances and it is never good to exclude specific food groups unless you really need to.

However, as you have noticed that some of these foods are giving you unpleasant symptoms, it would seem sensible to avoid them for the time being until further tests have been done (unless, of course, your doctor has specifically told you not to avoid any foods before going to the allergy clinic). As long as you account for the changes you make in your diet in the food diary, and keep an eye on how this affects your overall calorie and fat intake, there is no reason why this should negatively impact on your weight loss. In fact this is where your food diary can be especially helpful - you will have a record of what foods you ate and in which combination which can be helpful for you doctor in trying to pin point triggers. I would also recommend that you use the Diary Notes section on the food diary page to note down how you were feeling each day and any symptoms. You can print off your diary pages and take them with you when you see your doctor.

Regarding the effect on your weight loss, plain soya milk for example has around the same calories as skimmed milk, but it is higher in fat. However, as soya milk is quite rich, you can dilute it with water when using it on cereal without dramatically reducing the taste ? just the calories and fat! Similarly, goat's cheese can be used to replace cheese from cow's milk. You can get goat's cheese in soft and hard versions and can use it as you would ordinary cheese and, as it is quite strong tasting, you can probably get away with using less.

My advice is to try not to panic with all these changes going on. Just keep focused on your food diary, whilst you sort out your health issues. I wish you well.

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