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Feeling very bloated

Hi, this is my second week on the diet but lately I keep finding that throughout the day my stomach is becoming really bloated and gassy. I have quite a sedentary job and often find I need to break wind but have to hold it in, by the end of the day my stomach is about to explode. I don't have a bowel movement every day it tends to be every other day or sometimes not until weekend. My diet is generally porridge with blueberries for breakfast, snack a jacks, apple, carrots for snacks, low cal soup for lunch and evening meal. I'm concerned I have have an intolerance, any ideas?


Our expert says...


Thanks for your query. I think from what you have said that this has only occurred sine you’ve been on the diet, which might indicate it's down to a change in the foods you've  chosen. One common aspect seems to be that your diet is quite high in soluble fibre (porridge, berries, apples etc), which can cause a certain amount of fermentation in the gut. For a while I‘d probably ease down on those foods, swapping porridge for insoluble fibre-rich All Bran perhaps (oats are the richest soluble fibre source) and not going too overboard on fruit or pulses (though still get your five a day with most coming from veg). This should, I hope, help with both your bloating and your sluggish bowel, but see how you get on, and let us know!

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