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Exercising more than a hour a day doesn't work???

Hi, Recently a friend told me she had spoken to a personal trainer and he had said that any exercise over an hour a day will not make a difference to her weight loss..in her words it's pointless doing more than an hour a day of exercise. Surely this is wrong, as surely the more exercise you do the better the results? This has really confused me :(


Our expert says...


I am sorry to hear that a trainer has said such a statement and I can only imagine (and hope) it has been misinterpreted or taken out of context. Obviously the more exercise you do the more calories you burn and that is just simple science – this is why cyclists on the Tour de France have to spend the majority of their rest time eating to try and restore the thousands of calories they burn during their long and intense rides and why their bodies are ‘whippet’ like! 

If the trainer was trying to say that you can’t just exercise excessively and eat as you normally do to lose weight then they would be more accurate to the truth as weight loss has to be 50 % nutrition and 50% exercise to get long lasting results. 

It is definitely NOT pointless doing exercise for longer than an hour as long-duration exercise promotes a more effective fat-burning system where we prioritise the use of fat for fuel over other sources earlier. The best use of exercise longer than an hour is to incorporate different session, some that involve a shorter duration but higher intensity and vice versa as this then targets all our energy systems for a better approach to enhancing fitness and fat-burning. 

I hope this settles your confusion, your instinct was right to question the comment! 


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