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Everytime I exercise I feel really ill after.....why!?

Hi, I am finding every time I go for a run or do an exercise class the next day or evening I feel really unwell, I am struggling to sleep and feel quite sickly along with my skin feeling tender to touch. Any ideas?


Our expert says...



There are several things to consider in evaluating why you are feeling like this after exercise, so consider the following and see what may apply to you:


- Hydration – if you are already dehydrated and then exercising (which will then exacerbate it) it can leave your muscles struggling to recover (causing muscle tenderness) and feelings of nausea.


- Pre/post exercise nutrition – if you are perhaps leaving it too long between eating and your workout (before and/or after) your blood sugars can drop and again affect your recovery and make you feel unwell. So, make sure straight after exercising (within the first 15minutes) you try to consume 100grams of a small carbohydrate/protein food – i.e. small ham/chicken roll or cereal bar etc.


- It could be that you are doing more than you should be for your current level of fitness and your body is telling you to exercise more gradually. To test this you could try taking it easier in the class or doing a shorter/slower run. If you are a very experienced exerciser then this is unlikely to be the case unless you are upping your workouts and it is just a bit too much. If you are new or re-starting running then this could be the reason as often mentally we might be able to do more than the body is ready for.


- It could also be you are fighting something off (i.e. like a virus) that hasn’t surfaced but is suppressing your immune system and its not coping with the added stress of exercise. Do everything you can to support a good nights sleep or at least good rest, good nutrition and good hydration to help your body optimise energy and recovery.


Hope this helps,



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