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Does my routine contain enough variety?

Hi, I have a question that is with regards to gym routines. I've heard that the best way to lose weight quickly and effectively is to vary my exercise routine. Is increasing the length of time/reps and degree of difficulty sufficient when I am using the same set of equipment? I currently do resistance training and half an hour of cardio M/W/F, and a full hour of cardio on Tu/Th (for cardio I use four different machines rower, treadmill, cycle, and cross trainer). Is this plan workable over the long term, or do I still need to find ways to vary my program? Thanks!


Our expert says...


You are right in what you have heard and variety can include manipulation of duration or intensity. Your weekly plan with the split of isolated cardio and resistance / CV mix workouts on alternating days is a good approach, especially with your inclusion of different cardiovascular machines.

In the medium term this is workable and will remain effective if you vary the intensity and duration every session. Over a longer term try to consider different exercises for the resistance training aspect of your exercise plan as this will help prevent overuse injuries and help maintain muscle balance and motivation.

Hope this helps, keep up the good work,


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