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Does it matter if I am within calories but over my fat?

I like to eat peanut butter and coconut oil for cooking which puts me over the fatg per day. Does this matter if I am below on the calories?


Our expert says...

Hi there,

The fat measure on the site is included (along with calories) because fat is the most energy dense nutrient (at 9kcal per gram) so it is the most important single nutrient to keep an eye on when members are looking to calorie count, and lose weight. We set a maximum daily intake of fat based on your calorie allowance, and to stay within guidelines set by health professionals in terms of health. For most people, by eating a healthy and balanced diet, they will naturally fall below the fat maximum and within their calorie allowance.

Weight loss is determined by the overall ‘energy in energy out’ equation – so taking in less calories than you’re burning. If you’re recovering from a long term injury you will know exactly the effect of changing one part of the equation. Not being able to exercise means that your body doesn’t need as many calories so if the same amount of food is ingested, weight can be gained.

In terms of your choices – coconut oil, although some believe it to have health benefits, is a saturated fat which still contains 9kcal per gram. There is limited evidence to show that consuming it over an unsaturated fat e.g. olive oil, would have any added benefits. Peanut Butter is also a high fat food – fine to include in moderation but it is high in calories which can be detrimental to weight loss in the long run. I understand that you are staying within your calorie allowance which is great but its all about making good choices to get an overall balance in your diet. Taking up too many of your calories with these high fat foods could mean you’re missing out on important nutrients elsewhere e.g. fibre from complex carbohydrates, phytonutrients from fruits/ veg.

As you’ve only just joined Nutracheck it’s difficult for me to offer full advice about things you could do differently, so I suggest that you try and keep your diary as fully as possible for the next couple of weeks sticking to your calorie allowance, and exercising as much as you are able, and then I am very happy to take another look?

Best wishes


Nutracheck Nutritionist

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