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Does Coffee make you hungry?

I read in this month's Tatler that drinking coffee will make you feel hungry. Is there any truth in this? I always find that my morning coffee (no sugar, just semi-skimmed milk) actually fills me up a bit, taking the edge off my morning hunger - and also doesn't caffeine speed up the metabolism, helping you lose weight?


Our expert says...


This is an interesting question, but one I’m not sure there us s definitive scientific answer on. Basically if you have a big caffeine dose, a couple of strong coffees perhaps, you might find that the effect may be increased hunger. This is because caffeine impairs insulin action and can be associated with a small but detectable rise in blood sugar levels, which then triggers appetite as levels then subsequently fall. However a milky, not too strong coffee (made with lower fat milk) can actually be a good appetite suppressant, so I don’t think you need to worry in the context that you have caffeine yourself!

PS On your point about caffiene and metabolism, having a strong coffee before a bout of exercise, particularly first thing in the morning, can increase the proportion of fat you burn. So if you like a strong coffee have one then!


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