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Does chewing food have any bearing on calorie intake?

I am notorious for not chewing as thoroughly as I could. Does this have an impact on calorie intake and digestion, and should I try and chew everything a lot more?


Our expert says...

Not chewing thoroughly could lead to indigestion, but though your system might have to work a little harder, ultimately, your won't be missing out nutritionally (and unfortunately you won't be magically ?not digesting? calories either).

However there is a problem with rushing your food down which centres around the time it takes for your brain to register you are full. If you are gulping down food too quickly, your "I'm full" sensors may simply be kicking in too late to stop your from unnecessary overeating (something you don't definitely don't want when you are slimming). It also pays to taste and appreciate your food if you are having slightly less of it. But don't beat yourself up too much - there are no hard and fast rules and provided you don't suffer discomfort you should eat the foods you want to eat in the way you enjoy most.

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