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Do you burn calories using toning beds?

I do a weekly session on toning beds - 5 beds 8 mins per bed is it possible to add this form of exercise and to estimate the amount of calories per session? I appreciate it is passive exercise but I do believe there is a minor benefit in these sessions.


Our expert says...

I actually would avoid considering toning tables/beds as a form of calorie-contributing exercise. Toning Table salons were first introduced to the UK from America in the late 1980's. Since then, the number of salons has steadily increased. As the population ages, toning tables are expected to become a core piece of equipment in all gyms and salons throughout the UK, but more for the purpose of relaxation and well-being then physical fitness benefits and weight loss. These machines can be a great alternative for those who have difficulty with traditional aerobic or weight bearing activities, (especially the elderly). Many people with mobility issues gain flexibility, can improve their posture and get stronger.

Due to the negligible degree of calories burned through toning tables, the contribution it makes would be best viewed as an unmeasured bonus as opposed to a potential false economy. I would strongly recommend you ensure you achieve the recommended 30minutes of cardiovascular exercise (even if its 3 bouts of 10minutes walking) a day, but ideally some structured aerobic exercise to strengthen the heart and circulatory system. There is no substitute to cardiovascular exercise and weight training (strength) exercise for physical well-being, endurance, stamina and strength.

I hope this helps.


Fitness Expert

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