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Do we need more calories at 'time of the month'?

Dear Expert, Is it just a myth that women need to consume more calories during their time of the month? Many thanks


Our expert says...

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.

Unfortunately this is a bit of a myth, although wouldn't it be nice if we had licence to eat more during our time of the month!? There is a very slight rise in metabolic rate during your period (probably around 5-10% increase) down to changes in hormones, and this can lead to a change in our appetite. However there is no physiological 'need' to eat more calories during your period.

The hormonal changes will have an impact on food choices, and you may find yourself craving certain food groups (often chocolate and sweet things!) more than normal. To combat this just try and stick with your usual dietary regime, and don't worry if you slip a little bit for a few days. As long as you recognise when you've maybe had a few more calories, or not done as much activity as usual, you'll stay on the right path.

Hope that helps and please don't hesitate to get back in touch should you have any further questions.


Nutracheck Nutritionist

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