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Do soya yogurts count as dairy or fruit and veg?

Where on the eatwell plate do soya 'yogurts' come in? I eat soya yogurts daily and wondered if they would be part of my dairy or fruit and veg intake.


Our expert says...

Hi there.

Firstly, for those readers who may not be aware of what the Eatwell Plate is, let me explain. It is a visual guide, launched by the Food Standards Agency, of a plate divided into different food groups to help you eat in a healthy balanced way. You can see it on the following link: http://www.eatwell.gov.uk/healthydiet/eatwellplate/.

To answer your question, as soya yogurts are made from soya beans, they actually feature on the 'Meat, fish, eggs and beans' section of the plate, as they are a good source of protein.

However, beans, such as soya beans, also count as a portion of your 5-a-day. They only count as one portion, regardless of how much you eat, because they do not contain the same mixture of nutrients as other fruit and vegetables. They are also higher in protein and calories, and lower in water, than other vegetables. Because of this, and because soya yogurts are a processed food with less nutritional value, I personally wouldn't count them towards my 5-a-day. I would make sure this came from fresh fruit and veg and try to eat a different selection of these each day. I would recommend that you do the same!

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