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Diet for glucose intolerance - how will it fit in with NC?

My Dr has suggested as I am glucose intolerant I should try a diet by Prof Tim Noakes. On checking this seems very like the atkins diet high in protine and especially fat! How will this fit in with the NC diet. I am having trouble loosing weight even though I am keeping strictly within the calorie count (apart from today) your advice would be appreciated


Our expert says...


Thanks for your question.

Losing weight ultimately comes down to calories in versus calories out – you need to eat less than you’re burning off to lose weight. So on this basis, it doesn’t really matter which foods the calories are coming from as long as you are sticking to your calorie allowance.

Therefore it is fine for you to follow the dietary advice your GP has suggested while using NC, as the food choices are completely up to you. Just ensure you log your foods accurately each day and as long as you stay within the targets you’ve been set you should be on track with your weight loss.

I hope this helps.


Nutracheck Nutritionist

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