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My fiance and I are looking to lose weight, I want to lose around 2 stone and my partner about 4. We are looking at planning meals out in order to get a balanced diet and also lose weight. However, with all of the different diets and supposedly low fat food around, we have no idea where to start,

We are contemplating joining one of these programmes that send you your food all prepared ready for you to cook, which gives you a balanced diet that is supposed to help you lose weight. However, as we are both different weights and also want to lose different amounts, I doubt very much that we will be able to have the same meals and it will cost us around £80 a week if we both do it. Do you know of people that have had success with such programmes to make the amount of money worth it?

If we were to plan our own meals, do you have any suggestions of any rules that we need to follow to increase our success rate?

Many thanks


Our expert says...

Hello Jill

Well done to you both for deciding to lose weight together – it’s great when you can support each other and will increase your chance of success. If you fancy having your meals delivered and can afford it, then go ahead – I’m sure there are some with different calorie amounts for you and him - but I would advise you to take real care over which plan you try  as I’ve noticed some on the internet that are very low carb ketogenic diets and suggest that you don’t need to exercise (not a healthy philosophy!). So if you do go this route, make sure you choose one that doesn’t restrict food groups, gives you your five a day and so on.

If you do it yourself (and this I think would give you more flexibility), there are some very simple healthy eating guidelines that it’s always a good idea to follow here: http://www.nhs.uk/LiveWell/Goodfood/Pages/Goodfoodhome.aspx  (including a quiz to see how healthily you are eating already).

But here are my extra tips on top to ensure your success (whilst entering everything into you diary obviously!)

Sit down and plan your menu for the week in advance and make sure you stick to it!

To ensure you feel as satisfied a possible, include lots of soups, salads, fruit and veg – i.e. foods with a large water content incorporated as part of the food. You could also try having a couple of glasses of water before a meal to reduce your appetite and cut down how much you eat.

When you’ve served yourselves the right portion size, put the leftovers away in the fridge or freezer, don’t leave them on the table to pick!

If you both come in starving at night, try chewing sugar free gum whilst you’re preparing your evening meal to avoid unhealthy picking.

Go for whole grains like wholemeal bread not white to fill you up better.

I know these are somewhat random, but they are a hotch potch of my best starter tips for beginners! Good luck!

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