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Could water retention be the cause of my weight gain?

Hi I have been using nutracheck for the past 2 months again and exercising 5-6 days a week. I am vegan and follow a high fruit and vegetable and protein diet (tofu and lentils). I hardly eat carbs like potatoes, pasta, or rice. Quite regularly I will gain 2lb over night and keep that weight gain for several days, sometimes up to a week. I am aware that this must be water retention as my calorie intake never exceeds about 9500kcal per week and is usually less than that. I notice that the water retention occurs after I have eaten salt pretzels but am wondering whether there could be any other triggers and how I can get rid of the water retention. Thanks


Our expert says...

Gaining 2lbs overnight could be down to water retention, but it could also just be the body’s natural fluctuation in weight over hours and days. This is why we would normally recommend only weighing in once per week. If you imagine over the course of the day, our weight will fluctuate depending on many factors including how much food we’ve eaten, how much fluid we’ve taken on, whether we’ve exercise, whether we’ve been to the toilet…..there are so many influences.

If you’re finding that you seem to be gaining weight after eating the pretzels, then it is possible that the extra salt that you’re taking in is causing your body to retain some water. Perhaps try avoiding the pretzels for a week or two and see whether the problem clears up.

In contrast to what we might think, water retention can actually be a sign that we’re not taking on enough fluid (so the body hangs onto it). Make sure you’re drinking plenty of fluid (water is best, but other non alcoholic drinks all count as well).

If you continue to have this issue, and are finding it a problem I would suggest having a quick chat with your GP or practice nurse to rule out any underlying causes.

I hope that this helps – please don’t hesitate to get back in touch should you have any further question.



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