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Could a low histamine diet help?

Do you have any experience of a low histamine diet? I've been having trouble recently with serious hives and swelling of my lips so I've decided to go on a low histamine diet for a month to see if it helps. I've done some research but I was just wondering if you had any experience. Cheers, Sue


Our expert says...

Hi Sue

Thanks for your question.

I’ve only had indirect experience of low histamine diet, and to be honest the results have been mixed. However, as you’ve probably seen from your research, Allergy UK and the International Chronic Urticaria Society do think a low histamine diet is a good thing tot try on the basis that some people have lower activity of the enzyme diamine oxidase, which breaks down any histamine that we absorb from a histamine-containing food (such as seafood, processed meats and cheeses and alcohol).

The only thing I’d say is that avoiding all histamine containing foods can be very restrictive. So don’t follow it for more than 2-4 weeks, and then, if you really do get excellent results, try re-introducing a variety of foods until you find  what your tolerance levels is. If your diet still remains restrictive, it would be a good idea to get advice from a registered dietitian specialising in this area, which is something you should talk to your GP about.

There’s plenty of advice on this topic at http://www.allergyuk.org/fs_histamine.aspx

Hope this helps!


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