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Can you help with stress eating?

hi Can you help I want to loose weight about 1 stone but I keep overeating each evening. I am sure this is due to stressful days which are unavoidable. Can you give me some guidance please?


Our expert says...


Thanks for your question.

I'm very sorry you are struggling to stay within your calorie allowance at present. Our emotions and especially stress can play a big part in our eating habits, but rest assured there are ways to overcome specific triggers.

Identifying the cause of your snacking

You mentioned that you tend to overeat in the evenings due to stressful days, so it seems you have already identified the root cause of the issue. Now you'll need to find a way to overcome this trigger going forward.

I'm not sure if you've see but you can attach a food trigger to specific foods in your diary. You can then get access to articles written by our nutritionist with tips on how to combat these triggers next time they occur.

To do this, when you search for a food item, before you add it to your diary click on the 'Add food trigger' options. You will then get a list of triggers to choose from. Select the most appropriate trigger and then add the item to your diary. You will then be able to click on the 'Food trigger' icon next to the item in your diary to access an article with tips on overcoming this trigger next time.

Distraction techniques

If you know your overeating is worse in the evenings, try and plan ahead to ensure you have activities planned in to keep you entertained. Plan in some evening exercise, or promise yourself you'll go and have a relaxing bath if you feel the urge to snack coming on.

I'm not sure if you're currently exercising but exercise really is a great stress buster. Maybe try and make time for some exercise in the evenings before dinner, to help you unwind from your stressful day. This can help to improve your mood and it will help you burn some extra calories!

Ensuring you're eating filling foods

It's important to think about the type of foods you're eating to ensure you're having filling foods that will keep you feeling satisfied for longer. Firstly ensure you are eating regular meals and snacks. Always start the day with a good hearty breakfast, so something like poached eggs on wholemeal toast, or porridge with fruit are great choices for keeping you full. For your main meals opt for lean protein options and wholemeal/wholegrain carbohydrates which are full of fibre. Eating plenty of fibre and protein has been shown to keep us feeling fuller for longer, so ensure you're opting for the best options in the evenings to stop those late night cravings. Also aim to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. These are full of essential nutrients to keep us healthy, and they're also low in calories, so are a great snack option if you're feeling a bit peckish.

You may also like to think about how you split your calories across the day, and try to ensure you leave enough calories for an extra snack at the end of the day - if you know this is when you need it the most. So plan your meals at the start of the day and ensure you leave enough calories for a snack in the evening. This will allow you to still have a treat, but safe in the knowledge that it's within your allowance.

I hope this helps, and please do give the food triggers a try. There's some great advice in the articles on overcoming various emotional triggers.

Kind regards


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