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Can you advise me on my exercise regime?


I was wondering if you could give me some advice on an exercise regime. At the moment I have the Davina McCall DVD box set. Is this ok to use every other day for example? I've read you need to alternate doing aerobic and weight training exercise so if the DVD does half aerobic and half toning exercises is this ok? If I did half an hour that would be enough for my daily target but I don't feel this is enough and it could get boring doing the same regime every day. Would it be a better idea to have 3 exercise DVDs and alternate doing them to keep the exercise varied?



Our expert says...


I think you should give yourself more credit for knowing what to do because you have essentially already answered your own question. Ensuring variety within your exercise plan, i.e. with relation to weight training and aerobic emphasis, is one of most effective ways to achieve results as well as prevent plateaus, boredom and repetitive stress injuries.

You could do your Davina DVD series every other day without too much trouble, as you would be giving your body a day of rest in between workouts, but it is likely that quickly your body will start to adapt to the same routine meaning the calorie demand will start to reduce. I would suggest you take your own advice and consider borrowing, swapping or just buying other DVD workout options to alternate with your Davina DVD?s.

In terms of getting an idea of the other exercise DVD options out there why not have alook at my DVD review articles which can be found on the 'resources' page of the website, under the 'Exercise subject index' heading, titled 'Fitness DVD Reviews'.

Hope this helps


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