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Can you advise about some additional training?

Hi Kelly,

I am back to the site after 7 month maintaining. I am a cyclist, and I am racing again this year. I want to lose another 8 to 10 lbs to the 25 lbs I have already lost. As I am much lighter than this time last year, I have increased my training and the distances; I cycle about 12 hours a week, doing medium distance and interval training, depending on my mood... I am not very strict compared to my fellow cyclists (that is probably why I don't win races hehehe).

I was thinking to add running to my training, I am not a keen runner, I find it quite boring, but do you think it would make a difference, my body being so used to the cycling ... ?


Our expert says...

Hi and welcome back,

I actually think you have come up with the ideal solution to accelerate your weight loss (bar the boring element which can be solved anyway!), as the fact your body is use to non-weight bearing exercise of a consistent nature, (i.e. your cycling), means that impact exercise like running will really challenge the body to respond to the different movements of running and this challenge, (overload), will require an increase in calorie usage.

To tackle the boredom factor I would suggest approaching your running in various ways:

- You could do interval training with your running to achieve overload quicker and avoid the monotony of flat, one-pace road running. You can use any time scale and the structure would pretty much follow that you already use with your cycling intervals.

- You could also integrate some medium to long runs with the aforementioned intervals and focus on using music as a distraction during these sessions.

- In addition, you could integrate an occasional hill-training session, again for variety but also for working on power production through the legs, (which will transfer to your cycling), as well as massively targeting your strength endurance and VO2 max.

Hope this gives you some ideas,


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