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Can I stop my rumbling tummy?


 My tummy is noisy and rumbling! I�ve made some new additions to my diet: 
porridge, Cherrygood cherry juice, 
3.6.9 oil supplements, digestive biscuits (not chocolate). 

I usually have 4 mugs of decaf coffee by 1pm, but after that I often don�t drink until 5pm. I don�t always fill the fluid chart or the 5 a day chart. Please help.


Our expert says...

Thanks for your query.

You don’t say if your loud stomach noises have only occurred since you have made these additions to your diet, but any high fibre and high carbohydrate (sugary or starchy) foods can aggravate wind and stomach rumblings, so it will be worth looking at your diet.

The noises from your stomach are due to peristaltic contractions, designed to move fluid and food along in your gut. Although natural noises, if they are loud, this can indicate that too much gas is being produced by the bacteria that ferment the food in your gut.

Soluble fibre is found in porridge and cherries and is the prime source of  “food” for the gut bacteria that produce gas. So you might rethink your consumption of these, or at least reintroduce them more gradually.

You do not say if you get pain, but if this is the case, and you also experience bloating and / or diarrhoea it is also possible you may have irritable bowel syndrome, which may be helped by some over the counter medicines as well as, possibly, by a probiotic. If things don’t get better, do talk to your GP / pharmacist about this possibility.

More likely though is that your body is just adjusting to a new, possibly healthier diet, so in the meantime try the combined approach of making a few tweaks and hanging on in there!

I do hope this helps,

Best wishes


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