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Can I still use my heart rate monitor if I take beta blocker


Can I still use a heart rate monitor if I take beta blockers? My heart rate is only 117 when I'm going close to flat out. I already take other blood pressure tablets but never had a problem before I started taking the beta blockers.

Please help,

Zoggie x [:?]


Our expert says...

Hi Zoggie,

Because beta blockers are designed to block adrenaline and relieve stress to the heart muscle to aid blood pressure and slow heart rate, essentially you are likely to struggle to see any real change in it during your exercise efforts. This is a good thing as this is the point of your medication but it does mean the use of a heart rate monitor is likely to have very little benefit. The readings you get, as you have already identified, clearly don?t line up with your perceived level of exertion so I would suggest using a scale like the Borg scale to monitor intensity/effort level instead of a heart rate monitor:



7 very, very light exertion


9 very light exertion


11 fairly light exertion


13 somewhat hard exertion


15 hard exertion


17 very hard exertion


19 very, very hard exertion


This scale will allow you to monitor your exercise more accurately then with your heart rate monitor. I hope this helps.


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