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Can I include sauna use in my calorie calculations?

Hi, I have incorporated a sauna into my house refurb. I use it every other day after exercise for 15mins at 45 degrees. Every day I am doing physical work on the house but I don't count this as 'exercise' in my diary. I drink water while in the sauna should I count this in my diary anywhere as I have read that a sauna can 'burn' up to 300cals in a 30min session. Thanks


Our expert says...


I strongly advise that you avoid including the sauna in your calorie diary as although sauna’s have been quoted as potentially burning 300-500 calories from the increased heart rate to support the bodies cooling process, the ‘weight loss’ people experience is due to sweating and is restored as soon as people rehydrate. Any type of weight loss through dehydration is not safe.

Therefore the calorie loss is actually a false economy and short-lasting which would negatively affect the balance of your calorie calculations leaving you susceptible to overestimations of calories burned.

Going for a walk, jog or a swim has the same calorie burning potential and incorporates the contraction of many muscle groups including the heart muscle and would very much warrant being recorded in your diary as they would provide health and metabolic boosting benefits, enhancing your fat burning ability over the next 12 hours.

Hope this helps,


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