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Can hormones affect your weight loss?

I was wondering if I may have some advice, last year I calorie counted and lost my weight very slowly despite going to the gym almost everyday and also going to the doctors and getting advise etc. In the end I lost just over a stone and got fed up. I have been on here for two weeks now - Friday is my second weigh in day and the same thing has happened already (I weighed myself this morning) and I haven't lost anything in the last week! Do hormones effect weight lose? Because I always feel like its the same weeks in my cycle that I don't loose. Many Thanks


Our expert says...

Firstly I wanted to say that you really shouldn’t worry about not seeing a weight loss this week yet – your weigh in day isn’t until Friday so it’s very likely that you just haven’t given yourself enough time yet since your last weigh in. I also notice that you lost 5lbs in your first week – that’s great but it is more than we would expect to see in one week. So your body may just be adjusting and getting used to your new calorie intake.

We always say that it takes a few weeks for our bodies to get used to a change in energy intake so you need to give it a while for things to settle down.

It’s very possible that hormones play a role in weight loss (or lack of). When its that time of the month you might get extra fluid retention, plus it can affect our appetite and the types of food that we choose. Best thing to do is to just go with whatever mood you’re in at that time, and as long as you record your food intake and try and stick to your allowance where you can it shouldn’t have too much effect in the long run.

Losing weight is a long term commitment and we would expect to see around 1-2lbs weight loss per week if you’re sticking to your allowance and eating healthily. Exercise is great, and works in partnership with the food plan helping you to tone up and boost metabolism.

I hope this helps – when you weigh in on Friday see how you’ve got on. If you’ve stayed the same, or lost a little bit then that’s great but also don’t worry if you’ve gained slightly – its very early days, and you lost 5lbs in the first week so you’re obviously doing something right.

Best of luck and please don’t hesitate to come back to me if you have any further questions.


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