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Can bananas cause belly fat?

Hi I have just read an article that states bananas and courgettes are bad for belly fat!! I have a banana every morning with my bran flakes and I include courgettes in lots of dinner recipes. Is there any truth in this statement? Thank you.


Our expert says...


Thanks for your question.

That's a new one! Belly fat is caused by following a diet which has more calories than we need and therefore leads to weight gain. Where we store fat on our body is largely due to genetics and while one person may store excess fat around their abdomen, someone else may store it around their bum and thighs. Cutting calories and losing weight will help to reduce this, but there isn't actually any way to spot reduce fat around our middle - it's down to our genes!

There aren't particular foods which have been proven to cause belly fat or reduce it, it's eating too many calories and gaining weight that causes this. Bananas and courgette are both highly nutritious foods and contain many important vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C and potassium. There is absolutely no reason to stop including these in your diet as there is no evidence to suggest that they will directly lead to belly fat.

I hope this helps.

Kind regards


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