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Calories Burnt In Exercise - Do I need to replace them?

Hi, I'm a pretty fit cyclist, I ride as often as I can (weather permitting) and average about 2 to 3 hours each ride. I don't hang about either - I'm not that bothered about speed (I stopped racing 10 years ago) but I like to feel that I'm working. I've been following Nutracheck and trying to keep to the calories you suggest - 2202 to loose 1.5lb per week. As I said, I try to get out on my bike as often as I can and that means 5 times in every 8 days (I work 12 hours shifts, 4 on 4 off) and tend to burn between 2000 and 3500 per ride depending on distance, effort and height gained. I take on board High-5, a Carbohydrate sports fuel drink, normally 750ml in a 2 hour ride which gives about 210Kcal. This normally puts me slightly over on the day's calories. I NEVER eat the extra calories I have burnt off. That means at most I'll eat 2500 Kcal even on ride days. Do I need to take on more calories on those ride days? If I do, then how many would you suggest I take on extra assuming 2000 burnt in exercise? Many thanks, Rich


Our expert says...

Hi Rich,

You need to aim for the 2202 calories on a daily basis and so you should consume additional calories if needed on exercise days to account for the 2000 calories burnt as too low a deficit and you will find your training and/or energy levels may suffer. Equally, try to ensure you do take into account (as it appears you already are doing) the calories consumed during training and account for them in your diary calculations.

Try to listen to your body and adjust calorie intake accordingly. If you don’t eat some extra calories burned it may not be a problem as long as your body has what it needs nutritionally to respond and recover from training but just ensure you are getting adequate sleep and hydration to support your immune system.                           

Hope this helps,


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