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Body Combat is not helping me lose! Do I carry on or stop?

Hi, I really enjoy this class and it is worth tons of calories for the 60 minutes but its not helping me lose ... inches or weight. I am a little confused. Should I lay off this class till I reach a lower weight or stick with it? I do combine it with other exercises to keep variety in my workouts. Any advice would be most appreciated!


Our expert says...


Losing weight is a simple science with relation to types of exercise and body combat is a very effective way to lose weight in the long-term for two reasons:

1) It promotes the development of lean muscle tissue which can increase or maintain your metabolic rate, meaning elevated daily calorie requirements. This makes achieving weight loss or balance a whole lot easier!

2) The total body approach of body combat and the high intensity aerobic components mean the calories burnt from each individual class are consistently high.

If you feel you aren’t losing weight through the class then I suggest you consider the following:

- your nutritional calorie intake on the days you do the class – make sure you aren’t over consuming

- the quality of your techniques within each body combat class – make sure you aren’t slipping into bad habits

- make sure you are being active enough every day(through exercise or physical activity) to support your continued weight loss

- be patient as lean tissue development temporarily slows the loss of kgs on the scales even though body fat is still decreasing. This process does level up and the weight loss on the scales will become visible again.

Hope this helps,


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