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Are we meant to eat any of the exercise calories burnt?


Hi there,

 I am just wondering if we stick to our cal limit per day and then exercise as well to burn some calories, are we meant to eat any of the calories burnt?




Our expert says...


Ideally you should be trying to achieve both your daily calorie consumption target and your calories burned through exercise target as they both create the optimal deficit for safe, effective and real weight (fat) loss.

If you exceed your exercise target then in theory you do have calories burned to spare, which yes, you could eat if you feel you needed to due to feeling hungry or lethargic. 

HOWEVER, if you are able to still stick to your calorie target without suffering excessive hunger than I would urge you to not purposely eat any extra calories burned, as the calorie counting process is always an approximate calculation process so spare calories burned is useful to optimising accuracy and ensuring weight loss. Make sure you consume good quality nutrition and achieve adequate hydration levels as this will ensure you recover from your exercise and minimise the likelihood of hunger. 

Hope this helps, 


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