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Are Nutribullet smoothies healthy?

Good Afternoon I was wondering if blending fruit and Vegetables can makes you gain weight please. I purchase the Nutribullet so it suppose to extract better or something on those lines. I purchase one 3 weeks ago but lots of conflicting reviews of smoothies - 50/50 fruit / veg or any smoothie not really that healthy for you. would you be able to advice please.


Our expert says...


Thanks for your question.

Regarding the Nutribullet smoothies, I understand these are different to regular juices, as they keep the whole fruit/veg/seed including skins/pulp etc. This does make them a better option than regular juices as more of the nutrients are kept form the foods as nothing is removed. The skin contains most of the fibre, so it's best to include this.

A fruit smoothie or juice is absolutely fine to include as part of a healthy balanced diet, and can actually help to provide you with lots of vitamins and minerals in one drink. When you blend fruit, it does breakdown the cells and the skin which means it makes the sugars in the fruit more accessible - so they tend to be high in sugar. However, this will not directly make you gain weight - having too many calories will.

Weight gain comes down to calories in verses calories out - the actually foods the calories come from make little difference in terms of weight. So having smoothies and juices will not lead to weight gain if you are staying within your calorie allowance.

If you would like to include a regular smoothie into your regime that's fine, I would recommend sticking to one smoothie - perhaps for breakfast - and trying to add a good mix of fruit and vegetables, as well as some nuts/seeds for added good fats. In terms of the calorie content you will just need to add the whole foods to your diary to calculate this, as nothing is lost when using the Nutribullet.

Smoothies can be a quick and convenient way to add a wide range of vitamins to your diet - so if you enjoy them, and find them a more convenient option than eating a solid meal - then it's absolutely fine to include.

I hope this helps, and please get in touch if you need anything further.

Kind regards


Nutracheck Nutritionist

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