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Any tips for a low potassium diet?

I have just been diagnosed with having too much potassium and all the research I do says that I can eat white bread and butter with sugar !!!!!!!!!!! Well not quite but am finding it difficult to adjust to eating a low potassium diet when everything appears to be the food I was enjoying and was supposedly 'good for me' like the brown bread and vegetables, meat and lettuce just doesn't do it. Any suggestions.


Our expert says...

You didn't mention why you've been put onto a low potassium diet, but if you have an underlying medical condition that is causing your potassium levels to be raised, then you should be getting some specific dietary advice from your GP or from a hospital consultant / dietitan if you are being treated by one. The reason for this is because potassium levels in the body are very tightly regulated so it's important to follow quite a strictly controlled diet if you are aiming for a low potassium lifestyle.

I am happy to give you a few pointers to lower potassium foods, but I would urge you to go back to your GP (or whoever has given you your diagnosis) and ask them for some specific dietary advice to suit your own personal circumstances.

Examples of foods which are high in potassium and should be avoided include:

Chips, roast potatoes, cereals with dried fruits, large quantities of meat or poultry, potato crisps, nuts, chocolate, fruit juice, baked beans, butternut squash, bananas, all dried fruit, rhubarb.

Examples of foods which are lower in potassium are:

Bread, noodles, pasta, rice, cereals such as Weetabix, Rice Krispies, cornflakes etc, eggs, breadsticks, popcorn, tea, diluting squash drinks, asparagus, cabbage, broccoli, carrots, apples, cherries, clementines.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and plenty of other fruits and vegetables would be suitable for a lower potassium diet. Also foods such as brown bread, salads and small amounts of meat are fine to include, so it is possible to stay on a healthy eating, calorie reduced diet whilst keeping an eye on your potassium levels. However I would strongly urge you to get some more detailed dietary advice from your healthcare professional as they know your personal medical background, and can give you specific advice.

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