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Any advice for acne linked to PCOS?

Hi Angela, hope you can help. I suffer severe PCOS and unfortunately seem to have ALL the symptoms that go along with it including acne. I have been on anti-biotics for over 3 years now but fed up of taking medication and it doesn't seem to help much anymore anyway. Is there any nutritional advice for acne? Thanks Clare


Our expert says...

Hi Clare


Thanks for your question, and sorry to hear you are getting these symptoms. The best chance for you to deal with the acne is to try to tackle the PCOS symptoms – for more on this try looking at the answer I posted up on 12/2/10 (subject 'not losing weight with polycystic ovaries).

Acne by itself is not generally regarded as an ailment that is affected by nutritional factors, but, that said, a diet that is high in fruit and vegetables, and low in saturated fat will always help.

I’d also suggest you have plenty of vitamin A as this vitamin is needed for cells to reproduce normally and for correct sebum production. The vitamin is found in the largest  amounts in liver, but it's best to get 800 micrograms daily in a more controlled way from a supplement.

Hope this helps. Please try not to get too disheartened as your symptoms should hopefully start to ease as you lose weight.

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