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Any additional advice to make my diet healthier?

Ok I've done a bit of research on like what's good and bad to eat, so was just wondering whether you could give me any advice on this diet I've got going at the moment
7am Breakfast - 80g porridge oats and water, 300 cals
10am - 70g turkey breast, 2 wholemeal slices, 1 tomato and lettuce in a sandwich, 300 cals
1pm- 70g turkey breast, 2 wholemeal slices, 1 tomato and lettuce in a sandwich, 300 cals
4pm- 120g tuna with 2 wholemeal slices, basically sandwich, 300 cals
7pm- 1 can of baked beans and 1 slice of wholemeal bread, 400 cals

I know it looks like I have a lot of bread, but its wholemeal and I find its easier to get my carbs and fibre from that than anything else, plus the energy's slow releasing so I fight off cravings. Any additional advice would be great though :D



Our expert says...

Hi Dean,

Well, it seems that your research has paid off as the foods you are eating are all quite healthy in themselves. However, I do have to say that you are restricting the breadth of nutrients you can get from your diet by repeating the same foods. I know it is tempting to stick with a winning formula for a diet once you find one, but variety is the key to good health and also avoiding boredom!

My observations are that you are not eating enough fruit and vegetables. Can I suggest you have some fruit (full of vitamins) with your porridge and you adjust your portion size to compensate? For example, a grated apple or sliced banana is great on porridge. Vegetables are really important for the minerals and phytonutrients they contain. Try to have different salad vegetables with your sandwiches - I always recommend crudités (vegetable sticks) as an easy way to prepare and eat raw veggies and they make convenient snack food too! Try peppers, carrots, courgette, cauliflower (and whatever else you like) alongside the more traditional salad veg you are eating.

Wholemeal bread is good for you, but I would suggest you change some of this for other slow-releasing carbohydrates, such as brown rice or whole-wheat pasta, to obtain different nutrients. Both of these are great cold in salads and maybe you could think about drizzling over some olive oil, or sprinkling with seeds such as pumpkin seeds, to make sure you get some good fats. They should fight off cravings just the same as wholemeal bread.

Finally, you don't mention drinks, but make sure you drink your 8 glasses of water a day.

I hope this is helpful. I think with a few small adjustments you can make your diet even healthier! All the best.

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