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Am running the Brighton marathon, what about calories?

Hi there... I am running the Brighton Marathon in April 2011 (starting training this week) It will be my first marathon! I have a question regarding calories. I am currently maintaining my weight which is going fine, however running up to 4 times a week I will need to increase my calorie and fat intake considerably. I have changed the setting on my profile to very active. My calories have only risen to 2190. I am concerned that this is still not enough. Do you have any advice?


Our expert says...


I would recommend that you calculate the calories burned in each training run and when you input it into system look at the calorie deficit you end up with (as you will be far exceeding the 200 calorie exercise requirement). Then, because of your training goals and the endurance demand of your activity I would suggest you do actually try to eat extra calories to counter the deficit the system identifies you create. It will be crucial that you maintain calories to recover and repair from the mileage as you build up your running and you will find, due to your exercise demands, it will be harder to prevent weight loss then to maintain weight.

With each week listen to your body and if you feel lethargic, have excessively achy muscles or notice drops in your training progressions then consider increasing calories again slightly. It will be a constant matter of trial and error but it will get easier and easier as you get better at tuning into your body. In addition, hydration and sleep are absolutely crucial in this process of muscle recovery and preventing injury and illness so stay focused.

Hope this helps and good luck with your first marathon! It will be a fantastic and rewarding challenge.


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