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Am I doing enough?


I know that you are supposed to do the recommended exercise each day but I don't normally manage it. If this happens then I usually try and I stress the word TRY to eat 200cals less but is an exercise DVD 3 times a week enough to tone me up? I don't have much weight left to lose now, I would like to be around 9st 8lbs now (my goal has changed since starting lol) and my main problem is my flabby tummy, hips, legs and arms. I would just like them to be a bit firmer.

Do you think this is enough or should I try to do more? I walk when I can but that's about all ATM.

Thanks in advance


Our expert says...


Depending on the content of the exercise DVD's you are doing, they may be suitable for providing the toning effects you are searching for. However, if the majority of the exercise DVD content is aerobic style exercise, (so is limited use of bodyweight or bands for strength and core training) then this will not optimise the physiological changes in muscle shape and tone that you desire.

I would suggest you consider ensuing that you have a good variety of workouts in your exercise DVD plan. Make sure that you rotate different workouts that incorporate differing levels of aerobic, step, core and conditioning so that you can achieve the toning effects together with the cardiovascular fitness and fat-burning benefits.

I would strongly recommend you have a look at my "home exercise articles", (found on the resources page of the web site), that provide pictures and teaching points for toning all the different parts of the body, in your home, with no equipment necessary. This kind of training, in conjunction with your exercise DVD?s and walking would really accelerate the results you want.

Hope this helps


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