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Am I damaging my body by walking so far in high heels?


Am I damaging my body by walking so far in high heels? Since starting this diet, I have been adding more exercise into my daily routing by walking to and from work instead of catching the bus. It is about 30-40 mins walking but I am wearing heels. I saw on a TV programme once that walking too far in heels can damage your legs hip and back. Am I doing myself any harm by walking so much in heels?

Thank You,


Our expert says...

Hi Alexa,

This is a really interesting question. Two years ago, (in 2006), there was a particular increase in the appearance of high heel-wearing women who arrived by ambulance having sustained injuries varying from a sprain to broken bones, dislocated ankles - and in some cases permanent damage, this was documented in newspapers like the Daily Mail. This led to a lot of publicity and bad press and started the way for "better" products like the recent MBTS and fit-flops.

The main issues with high heels is that they tend to be pointed and can cause bunions and hammer toes - as well as placing a strain on feet, ankles, knees and backs. Shoes which do not have a back or a strap can also cause particular problems due to a lack of stability around the ankle and support for ideal foot biomechanics.

If you are doing a daily 30-40minute walk I would strongly recommend using a pair of exercise trainers (i.e. Ascics, New balance, Saconney, Addidas or Mizuno brands) and then swapping back into your heels on your arrival to work. This way you are reducing the potential negative stresses on your feet, especially with the daily 40minute demand and with trainers you are likely to be able to walk faster, giving you the option of safely upping the walking pace as you wish.

The general advice about the use of heels is to try and have shoes with a strap and keep the heel height down to 4cm (1.5in).

Hope this helps


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