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Am doing kettlebell so why aren't I losing inches?

Hi Kelly, I have been attending kettlebell classes now for 3 months and my body is getting so firm- as hard as a rock (except for my jelly belly and inner thighs) but the inches don't seem to have dropped nor has my dress size. I have only recently joined NC and prior to this I wasn't calorie counting (was eating relatively healthy though!). I weigh heavier on scales than before I started classes (hope it's due to muscle gain) so how soon do you expect I should start to see inch loss- surely the firmness means muscle tone? So why am I not getting smaller? Thanks in advance


Our expert says...


The kettlebell classes will be promoting effective lean muscle development so don’t be disheartened by an apparent lack of inch loss at the moment. The key thing is to get the nutritional balance right to reduce body fat stores as you enhance your muscle tone. If you stick to your calorie target you will notice inch loss within a matter of weeks, as the firmness is a sign of muscle tone. Staying strict with your calorie intake to maximise the benefit of your exercise will give you the shrinkage you are after. It is worth mentioning that if you are measuring your circumferences for assessing inch loss then make sure you don’t do it after you have exercised as post-exercise we get swelling (normal responses to training) and this can give false readings to measurements.

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