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Allergic to fresh fruit and I hate fish!

I need some help, badly! I am trying to lose around 2 stone and generally eat healthier, but I have a few obstacles... firstly I'm allergic to fresh fruit, which is annoying as you can imagine, tinned fruit is just not the same (or as handy as I don't always carry a tin opener!) and some fruit juices also give me a reaction. So unfortunately i can't do juicing or smoothies. Secondly, I can't eat raw foods - I think it might be a psychological thing. For example I love peppers when they are cooked but even the thought of eating them raw makes me feel ill. If someone near me is eating a salad, I can't even bear the crunching sound. Thirdly, I just don't like fish. Have you any suggestions to help with the nutrients and vitamins I am missing out on, I would prefer not to have to take tablets. Thanks! Emma


Our expert says...

Hi Emma

I?d say you have a complex mix of food intolerances and aversions here, perhaps with the odd true allergy thrown in. It means there?s a mix of psychological and real problems with food, and it's obviously restricting what you can eat and affecting how healthily you eat quite severely. Do you definitely have a problem with all fresh fruit? This would be unusual and I think needs investigating with a specialist dietitian (ask for a referral from your GP, or if you have the cash you can go private). In the meantime, eat as many cooked veg and tinned / dried fruit as you can and look for omega-3 fortified like Columbus eggs as an alternative to oily fish. Good luck!

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