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Advice on running again please!

Hi, 2 years ago I ran a half marathon but since then I have put on at least a stone and a half and now when I try and go for a run, I am aware of how unfit I am and v quickly lose motivation! I am trying to alternate between ashtanga yoga in the home and swimming to build up my fitness before starting to run again. Problem is I get bored quite quickly of doing the same thing over and over. I can't afford and don't really like gyms! Any advice would be great.


Our expert says...



My suggestion to you, to prevent boredom and target your running endurance, is to specifically adapt your running sessions, i.e. avoid going for long, steady runs that will just seem tedious in the early stages of returning to running. So, alongside your yoga and swimming (both very good non-impact options), start doing small runs that vary in their structure:


1) Try small, flat intervals – where you jog / walk / jog – but you can make this specific distances or more random in nature (i.e. jog to the next lamppost). This helps build running-specific stamina without the feelings of fatigue that can be de-motivating when you know you use to be a lot fitter.


2) Try hill intervals – find various inclines (start small to start with) and try jogging up (50-65%) of max effort, then walking down the hill as recovery. This is a very powerful way of accelerating your fitness improvements but attacking it in more manageable and interesting chunks. Aim to do 4-5 in consecutive succession followed by 5 minutes recovery and then repeat. Obviously adapt the length of your recovery, the incline, distance up the hill and the number of runs per set as you wish/need.


Hope this helps,



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